Q & A

How did the Forum come about?
After Newmont announced their intention to apply for a mining licence directly beneath the Waihi East area, residents met with Newmont and Hauraki District Council to address their concerns about those wanting to stay in Waihi East as well as those who may need to move on once mining started. As a result of these discussions, Newmont introduced the Property and Community Investment Policy (PCIP). In this policy it was suggested a group of community members were represented in order to work with Newmont and HDC on applying this policy.

As at 30 October 2015, OceanaGold Waihi announced it had completed the acquisition of the Waihi Gold Mine from Newmont Mining Corporation.

Does the PCIP still exist?
No. Aspects of the PCIP are now covered in the Correnso consent conditions and as part of OceanaGold Waihi's voluntarily funded Streets Ahead scheme.

Who are the Forum members?
The Forum is made up of four community members from Waihi East, one from outside Waihi East, two OceanaGold Waihi representatives and two Hauraki District Council representatives.

What are the WCF currently working on?
Please see our home page for the issues we are currently working on.

Are the meetings open to the public? Or will they be?
The Forum meetings will not be open to the public. The Forum however will be seeking the views of the community as and when the decision-making aspects of their work requires this.

I have a 'we break we pay' decision that I do not agree with from the Consent holder. How do I get this resolved?

It is a Consent requirement that the IRP must act as arbitrator for any unresolved disputes over property damage between a resident and the Consent holder. You can get in touch with the IRP through the Waihi Community Forum Coordinator here.

I would like to see the minutes from your meeting yesterday – how do I get these?
After a meeting, the Forum minutes are distributed to the Forum and approved at the following meeting (usually every two weeks). They are then usually uploaded the following day. Click here to view published minutes.


AEP - Amenity Effect Programme
CEPA - Correnso Extension Project Area
GLPA - Golden Link Project Area
HDC - Hauraki District Council
IRP - Independent Review Panel
MEP - Martha Exploration Project
PCIP - Property and Community Investment Policy
TOR - Terms of Reference
WCF - Waihi Community Forum


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