It is a consent requirement that the consent holder provides $4m for the purchase of properties not positioned over the stopes during the lifetime of the Correnso Underground Mine, or until consent expires. It is also a consent requirement that "priority will be given to people living in proximity to mining operations under this Consent." Now that the Empire and Daybreak veins are being mined, a further $1,000,000 has been made available for house purchases near these projects, also consent requirement.

The Independent Review Panel (IRP) is appointed and managed by the Forum. The IRP recommends property purchases to the Consent holder during property purchase rounds.

It is a Consent requirement that the IRP must also act as arbitrator for any unresolved disputes over property damage between a resident and the Consent holder. The IRP's role is defined in detail in the IRP Terms of Reference (ToR) below.


The latest Independent Review Panel (IRP) property purchase round is complete. 14 property owners applied for a property purchase and 6 of those applicants withdrew their application because their properties sold privately.

OceanaGold Waihi accepted the IRP recommendation for the purchase of 5 properties. Of those 5 properties, 3 have settled, and 2 no longer wishes to proceed and have withdrawn from the process.

Now that this round has been completed, and as per the Forum's Terms of Reference, a thorough review of the IRP property purchase process has been held.

The next property purchase round is to be advised.


Any concerns about mine related property damage will need to be directed to OceanaGold Waihi in the first instance.
  • If a complaint of property damage is received, the Consent holder must investigate and, where practicable, will endeavour to respond within 5 business days.
  • If a homeowner does not agree with the advice received. OceanaGold Waihi may engage in an appropriately qualified independent third party to investigate and report both to OceanaGold Waihi and the homeowner.
  • If the independent third party finds that damage is attributable to OceanaGold Waihi activities the company must remedy the damage.
  • If a dispute arises about the cause of the damage, then a resident may enter into a binding arbitration process with OceanaGold Waihi which will be conducted by the Independent Review Panel.

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